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Transitioning your skincare routine from winter to summer

Although I have been waiting for summer since winter started, unfortunately, the change of seasons can have a drying effect on my skin. There are so many factors that can cause this, such as the sun and chemicals found in swimming pools. These culprits can strip your skin of sebum, which is your skin’s protective barrier. The same can be said for air conditioners, as they work by removing moisture from the air around you. If your skin isn’t producing enough natural oils, it can lead to patches of red, itchy, flaky, and sensitive skin.

Luckily, there are a few preventative measures you can take.
1. The first thing you should think about swopping out, is your moisturiser. I like switching to a lightweight moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated in summer without overloading it.
2. The next step is exfoliation, which welcomes a summer glow. Many are hesitant to exfoliate in summer, but exfoliating regularly prevents acne by opening pores and removing dead skin cells, product build up and excess oils. Overdoing exfoliation, however, can leave your skin irritated. I suggest incorporating a gentle exfoliator into your skincare routine once a week during the warmer months. My favourite exfoliator is Skin Creamery’s Deep Cleansing powder. This is such a versatile product that can not only be used as an exfoliator, but also a hydrating mask.
3. The final step is all about sun protection. SPF ratings can be misleading as it is a rough guide to how well a sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UVB rays. SPF protection works differently on everyone, because it really depends on several factors such as skin type, amount applied, and intensity of sunlight. Don’t forget that SPF is a step on its own in your skincare routine and mixing it with other ingredients may dilute the formula. Although applying a moisturiser or foundation with a built-in SPF is better than applying nothing at all, I would recommend using a separate sunscreen.

My summer skincare routine looks something like this:


1. Gentle foaming cleanser
2. Balancing toner
3. Vitamin C serum
4. Lightweight moisturiser
5. SPF 30 or higher
6. Make-up as usual


1. Gentle foaming cleanser
2. Gentle exfoliator once a week (I prefer Sundays as this is my day for pampering)
3. Balancing toner
4. Vitamin A or retinol serum
5. Lightweight moisturiser

Happy summer beauties! Enjoy every second.

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