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The stresses of blonde tresses

Everywhere you look, there is pictures of the most beautiful blonde, platinum or silver tresses. It is the color every girl desire and being a natural brunette, no one told me the headache this color would bring!

I have had the odd streak, blended with my brunette style and finally decided to make the change and take on the grey (this was mainly to hide my natural silver popping out at the speed of light all of a sudden)!

Stepping out of the salon, I felt like a million bucks, my hair looked amazing although a little brittle from the bleaching. As I have thin hair naturally, I generally did not mind the damage as it gave a little body, sinful I know – do not judge!

It took about 10 days for my beautiful grey to start yellowing. I have spent a fortune on various shampoos for blondes (which made my hair even drier than the bleach!) and home remedies, it just did not seem to make any difference. It felt like I had to make a choice between grey hair or hair that feels like straw. I just couldn’t deal with the fact that the feeling of my own hair freaked me out and as I was on my way to my go-to fix (box dye – don’t judge), I heard about Luxliss Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner. I bought it, I tried it and I LOVED it! Just the smell alone is to die for, but this actually works, without drying out your hair.

After 2 days, my color was almost good as new (regrowth is so annoying), my hair looked, felt and smelled amazing! Word of advice though, do not leave the shampoo in for an hour before rinsing, it might leave behind a little purple tinge, again, do not judge!

After loving this hair color from a distance, hating it after doing it, I am now absolutely sold on this color and will be off to the salon soon to get a touch-up!

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