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Summer Glow with Nanacoco

Getting one’s glow on has now become an easy-to-do task. I bet you have heard of highlighting. If you have, the questions on your mind would be: what is highlighting in makeup and how do I do it like a pro?
Highlighting and contouring in makeup is one of the best transformative beauty innovations of all time. Highlighting is the process of blending a lighter shade of makeup on certain parts of your face to give it an edge and this is done with the use of a lighter shade of foundation or concealer.

My favourite products to use for blending the foundation before adding the sparkle, is NNCC Pro’s HD Perfection Concealer. The texture is perfect for blending and the coverage is fantastic! Nanacoco also offers the correcting concealers which is perfect for dark circles, blemishes and dull skin tone. My go-to correctors are the green and yellow for pigmentation and dark circles.

After the base is blended to perfection, my favourite go-to product to add the glow, is NNCC Pro’s Glitzn Face and Body pigment. This product is so versatile, and the pigment is amazing. I absolutely love the Rose Gold to add that ever so slight shimmer for days at the office.
Glitzn can be used to accentuate your eyes, as a highlighter or even to add to a gloss if you require a shimmer on your lips. Its uses are endless and is perfect for anywhere on your face or body. I love adding this pigment to my moisturizer for those days where I want to give my face a rest but also want that glow.

If you prefer a creamy highlighter, the Eyelusive Pencil from Nanacoco is also fantastic. Their products are so versatile and even though this is an eyeshadow pencil, it works wonders as a highlighter or bronzer, depending on the color you choose.

There are also so many benefits of highlighting. If you haven’t been turned on to the fabulous benefits of a highlighting, allow me to enlighten you.

  1. It will make you look younger
    One of the many benefits of a highlighter is its ability to add some shine to your face and make you look younger. Just apply a sheer, creamy highlighter to your cheekbones and you will be surprised to see the level of dimension it adds to your face and how it creates a youthful glow on your skin.
  2. Highlighting minimizes dark circle appearance
    Do you have dark circles under your eyes? That is another good reason to apply a highlighter on your face, as it helps to minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. It will brighten up other areas of the eyes. Try using a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes and underneath your brow bone.
  3. It gives the lips a pumped-up look
    You can also use a highlighter to make your lips look pumped. This is a uniquely useful way of using a highlighter. Simply dab some of your highlighters on your lips to make your lips appear fuller and larger.
  4. It gives your face a fresh look
    Applying a highlighter on your face will instantly give your face a fresh look. There are many areas of your face where you can add a highlighter.
    You can apply it on your cheekbones, forehead, or jawline; do this to accentuate your facial features and add some charm to your perfectly made-up face.
  5. It helps to accentuate the eyes
    This is another simple yet effective way of using a highlighter to accentuate and widen your eyes. Use a highlighter to blend the inner corner of the eyes, this will help to spread out a subtle glow and add dimension.
    Another area of your face to apply a highlighter is on your brow bone; to accentuate your eyes and give you a healthy, pleasant look.
  6. It makes you look more lively
    Apply a highlighter on your face to finish up your look before rushing out the door. Apply a highlighter on the bridge of your nose, hairline, or the center of your chin; to look elegant, lively, and ready to conquer the world.
  7. It beautifies the brow
    Do you know that highlighting your brows can help to bring out your facial features and give eyebrows a neat look? After filling your brows, use a highlighter to highlight around the brows to give them a clear definition.

Try these amazing products from Nanacoco and get that glow on.

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