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Super Hard Finishing Spray 420ml


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A complex of nutritional and protective components perfectly cares for hair and protects it from adverse external factors. Natural finish, durable but not sticky. Easy to rinse and remodel.

A high precision hairspray with long lasting and super strong hold to style all hair types, added control to lock styles firmly in place. With a non-sticky texture and amazing smell it offers optimal humidity resistance, making it an ideal finishing spray for all hair types.

Provides 5 star superior holding power with a matt finish. If you want a very strong hold hair spray, this is definitely what you are looking for. Great for use with flat iron or for curling hair to create volume and strong lasting hold.

Water soluble – this means it can be restyled just by damping your finger tips with a bit of water and it can be easily brushed out without leaving any flaky residue or build up.

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