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Beautiful-summer-ready feet

Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a summer lover to the core! Although summer is my absolute favorite season, it comes with many worries, like cracked heels.

In my youth, I worked for Roxy. Call me brand loyal, but my Roxy slop collection is legendary. Having a bestie with the same fetish, we used to have a secret competition about who has the funkiest toes. My deepest dread was and has always been the cracked heels that somehow appears a mere 5 seconds after putting on a pair of slops.

There is little that freaks me out more than a woman with open shoes that has unkept feet. I used to go to salons to make sure my summer feet are always perfect but as I got older and the realities of life kicked in, I found I did not always have the time for that luxurious hour and had to come up with an alternative.

I managed to get the toenails right and I am very proud, if I have to say so myself but I just could not get rid of the cracked heels. Having tried various products and many home remedies, nothing worked. My slop collection was put away as I refused to wear them out of embarrassment.

I received a Swanee Pumice Sponge and California Mango’s Mango Mend as a gift and that was me, all sorted! My slop collection is back on display and ready to be worn. These are the best products for feet I have ever tried and is so good, I even got my hubby to use it. The best part, it does not break the bank!

Give it a try, your feet will be grateful!

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